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CONTEST: Name My Puppy/Office Mascot

Have some fun, help me out, win some loot!

Help me name this little cutie!

micah's dog collage

I have always wanted an office dog. And now I have one. Well, she’s not in the office yet. She’s not quite ready for that. Or better stated, the office (and my clients) are not quite ready for her! We have a bit of work to do, but after a little more training she will be my office companion and VP of Client Greeting.

But I haven’t settled on a name yet! So here’s where you come in. Take a look at her and give me some ideas. And for some of you, those ideas and efforts will be rewarded.

What should I name her?

Bonus points for any name suggestion that is finance/business related, but I’m open to whatever flashes of inspiration you have.

Winners will get the (minor) fame of having their name, company, and dog name included in my next email blast. Oh, and a little bit of swag:

  • $50 gift card to the winner
  • $10 gift cards to 5 runners-up

And if I end up coming up with a name myself – or taking a suggestion from my meddlesome family members – I’ll still divvy up the $100 among the best ideas that come my way. So either way – you get the acclaim, she gets a name, and I am Micah Fraim. (And a poet to boot).

Entry deadline – via email: Thursday October 15 (which also happens to be the final filing date for tax returns that are on extension by the way; let me know if you need help) at 11:59 p.m.

Oh, and if you thought I would pass this up as a marketing opportunity you clearly do not know me yet:

micah fraim cpa embroidered dog collar

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