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I am on a mission to help local Roanoke businesses truly flourish by helping them to take the stress out of tax time and show them how to harness to power of revolutionary accounting and marketing practices. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and have helped advise them all on how to attain the best results for their businesses.

Whatever your unique needs may be, I am there for you to help your business succeed.

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David Cawley, CPA, CVA

David Cawley, CPA, CVA

Chief Financial Officer

David is the Chief Financial Officer for Micah Fraim, CPA, and is a Certified Valuation Analyst specializing in performing business valuations. He is dedicated to helping local businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and helping build enterprise value through innovative accounting and advisory services. David also has an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration), Master’s in Accounting and Finance, and is a licensed CPA in the state of Virginia.

David and his wife Jessica are proud parents their son James and canine companion Milly.


Laura Wire

Laura Wire

Chief Operations Officer

Laura is the Chief Operations Officer for Micah Fraim, CPA and an avid soup enthusiast.  When you call, she’s the friendly voice that answers the phone on the other end. When she’s not taking care of our clients, you can find her either at the local dog shelter giving love to puppies or honing her skills as a chips and salsa connoisseur at Roanoke finest Mexican dining establishments.

Laura is the loving mother of two feline fur-babies: Peapod and Gracie.





Chief Greeter

WOOOOF wooooof whimper woof


We strive to be the go to CPA practice for small business owners looking to step up to the next level and take control of their finances. Whether you are looking to take the stress out of tax time, find new ways to make your money work for you or simply have someone explain what accounting and tax terms mean in simple and easy to understand language – we’re your team.

We have a broader perspective than most other accountants. For years we’ve helped our clients find money that others have missed and helped them make maneuvers others had not thought of. Not only can we help you with all of your taxes and accounting, but we’re also up to date on the latest advances in digital marketing which every business needs to stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking to make your tax dollars work for you all year round, take control of your finances, and get a fresh insight into your marketing practices for the 21st Century – contact us now.

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Company News

Introducing: Fraim, Cawley & Company, Certified Public Accountants!

Introducing: Fraim, Cawley & Company, Certified Public Accountants!

Nearly seven years ago I started “Micah Fraim, CPA” on a bit of a whim. As I’ve noted to many of you along the way, I started with $2,000 in the bank, no clients, and next to no contacts. I spent half of that money on the laptop and software I needed and hoped for the...