Why Forensic Accounting Matters

Whether it be for a divorce case, partnership dispute, or other litigation, you need to be able to trust the numbers involved. Unscrupulous parties may be trying to hide funds or otherwise misrepresent their current financial situation. We can help uncover these issues and give you confidence in the numbers being presented.

How Can a Certified Fraud Examiner Help You?

David Cawley is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Valuation Analyst specializing in financial consulting in litigation. David has experience with cases involving a wide range of complex financial issues such as partnership disputes, dissenting shareholders, and divorce cases. Working closely with attorneys on either side of a litigation proceeding, David is able bring a certified public accountant’s perspective and analysis to address financial issues and implications that may otherwise not get the proper attention throughout the course of a legal case.

Why do you need a forensic accountant?

There is a lot that goes into a litigation case, and even the best attorneys can be singularly focused on what they’re good at – the legal side of the case. In divorce cases, for example, family law attorneys are great at taking care of all the pressing legal issues surrounding the divorce such as custody of the children, and what and how the post-separation family unit is supposed to look like and function legally. Divorce cases can get heated, and attorneys are looking for the most legally beneficial outcome for their clients without causing unnecessary rancor and discord between the parties. However, family law can be complex, and while most attorneys try to do whatever they can to help their client, the financial side of divorces can sometimes be beyond the scope of an attorney’s expertise. That’s where we come in.

Divorce lawyers will often seek the help of forensic accountants when a specialist is needed in a divorce with a particularly complex or troublesome financial situation. A forensic accountant can help reveal essential financial information that could affect spousal support, child support, and the division of assets. In any divorce case, one party wants to know if the other is hiding or concealing assets. There are often questions about what assets are considered martial and what are considered separate. Often times, there are significant tax implications to dividing marital assets and agreeing upon settlement terms. A forensic accountant can help with all of these issues.

At Fraim, Cawley & Company, our firm only works with experienced, trustworthy attorneys who excel in their field. If you or your attorney feel your divorce case requires special financial attention, we are experienced in working with family law attorneys in preparing your case.

We perform forensic accounting for circumstances including but not limited to:
Strategy & Transaction Planning

Exit / succession planning
Purchase or sale of business
Transaction negotiations
Buy / sell agreements
Settlement of estates
Gifting & ownership interests
Litigation Support

Martial disputes
Economic damages
Shareholder disputes