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In a better place because of Micah’s work

I run a multi-seven figure marketing agency. And just like in the marketing industry, there’s not many CPAs that really get it and can think outside the box. Before working with Micah, I was working with cheaper CPAs and trying to save money there.

When we started with Micah, our accounting was a mess. Our business was still good. We were still a million dollar business to multiple six figures in net. But we’ve grown well past that and and the backbone infrastructure from a financial perspective is in a better place because of Micah’s work.

There’s only a couple of people in the industry that actually get the internet marketing/making money online space. Micah has almost been an extension to my team. And as I’m looking at even more advanced financial ventures he’s there as someone that can be on my side as an advisor to help me through that part as well.

My business has grown leaps and bounds, especially my agency. We’ve 4x’d in terms of employees and more than 4x’d in terms of revenue in 18 months or so. And really having Micah has just supported that growth because I’ve had the safety of my financials sorted and someone that I can fall back on if I have questions

If you’re doing multiple six figures or even just $100k – at that point, you’re going to lose more by paying a quarter of the price for a cheap CPA. You might save $3k on yearly fees, but you’ll lose $10k-30k in tax savings because of the advanced strategies Micah can implement vs. a normal CPA.