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“If I”

With the year already coming to a close, people are likely reflecting on what has happened this year or what they want to happen in the coming year. Whether the past year has been one of disappointment or accomplishment – the calendar resetting to 1/1 makes a lot of us take stock of where we want to be.

This reminds me of one of my favorite stand-up routines of all time: “If I” by Demetri Martin. It’s well worth watching – funny, but very cerebral and an examination of his entire life and decision making process. It covers his obsession with puzzles and palindromes, going to law school and dropping out in the last year, keeping an almost psychotic “points” system to score how he was doing each day in order to improve – among other things. The routine culminates with this formula:

if i decision formula jotted on notebook

“If I.” That the person you are (I) is nothing more than the possibilities and choices over time. It’s pretty simple, but especially in the context of the entire routine it was very cool. We all have things about ourselves or our lives that we dislike and would like to change. The concept and realization that who we are and become is largely in our own hands is powerful.

Maybe we want to lose weight, complete our education, change our employment situation – anything. Since my perspective is always skewed to business – I think about people who want to start their own business or want to have more success in their business endeavor. The former might hate their jobs but are uncertain (and have legitimate trepidation) about the risk. Or the latter have their own business but are unhappy with the results. Maybe they want to expand but are unsure of the hazards and stress associated with a larger company.

There is no correct path or solution for every situation. The right decision for one person will be the wrong one for another. But there is a certain comfort in knowing that the outcome is largely in our hands. We of course have to make decisions intelligently and there are certain factors outside of our control that need to be considered, but by in large in business it comes down to us.

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