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Why Business Valuations Matter

As a business owner, it’s very important to know your business’ market value for a variety of situations. Obvious reasons would include the sale or merger of your business, expanding the business to secure new capital or even taking on new partners and determining their buy-in price. Or maybe you are nearing retirement and looking to formulate an exit strategy. Regardless of your circumstances, a valuation report is the most useful piece of financial information for the owner of any company. Our valuation model will help you get a fair and accurate accounting of your business’ value that will help you in a variety of business situations.

Our Process & Services

Our combined tax, accounting and financial expertise allows us to provide business valuation and litigation support to meet your specific needs.

Our services are provided for a wide range of clients including law firms, business buyers/sellers, banks, estate planners, and financial advisors. We offer full, detailed conclusions of value reports, calculation reports, and provide consulting services for business owners and legal representation alike.

We perform business valuations for circumstances including but not limited to: 

Strategy & Transaction Planning

  • Exit / succession planning
  • Purchase or sale of business
  • Transaction negotiations
  • Buy / sell agreements
  • Settlement of estates
  • Gifting & ownership interests 

Litigation Support 

  • Martial disputes
  • Economic damages
  • Shareholder disputes 

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