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Harmony Wright

Harmony Wright, Owner of All-In-One Home Solutions, LLC

Micah has quickly become an important asset to our company and a critical element in its success. In responding to my inquiries, the quality advice Micah provides is more than timely and his clearly-stated answers and instructions are easy to follow and comprehend. This is vital to the growth of our fast-paced business; giving us more time to focus on our service. Further, Micah demonstrates an understanding of the tax code, and in business, that inspires confidence. I highly recommend Micah's services to anyone seeking a quality tax professional.

Chris Eide, Owner of Simplicity Communications

I don't need a firm who prepares taxes and tells me what I did wrong last year. I need someone engaged in my business ensuring my success translates to the bottom line.  Micah provides that forward thinking advice which has proven critical to my success. With Micah I have a partner focused on watching my back and not another name on my vendor list.

Tim Beasley, Owner of County Mountain Homes LLC

Micah Handled my taxes last year for the first time. I was impressed with his knowledge and quick turnaround. Micah took legitimate deductions that no other accountant had even talked to me about. Fee was more than reasonable. I would highly recommend him to any business owner, or anyone wanting their personal taxes handled professionally and correctly. I now use him to do all my accounting, business consulting and costing. Can't brag enough on this guy, I really lucked out finding him.

Heather Quintana, Owner of HQ Consulting, LLC

I have used an accountant for my small business and personal taxes for many years. When they closed up shop I found Micah Fraim. He showed me so many ways I could have been saving thousands on my taxes in previous years.  He is personable, professional, smart, and persistent. He nudged me to get my paperwork in order and advised me to make a change to the structure of my business that will save me ten thousand dollars a year!  He got my tax return completed quickly and accurately. I highly recommend working with Micah!
Wilson Law Firm

Douglas S. Wilson, Partner at Wilson Law Firm, PLC

Micah Fraim is a young, technologically-savvy CPA who thinks in a business-planning manner. He posts useful information on his website that I, as a business owner, find useful and engaging. My legal practice involves a good deal of business formation and advising, and Micah has been able to answer my business tax questions, in most cases, without having to research the answers. For more obscure issues, he is able to conduct research and get back to me in a reasonable amount of time with responses that allow me to advise my clients. I never worry about making a referral to Micah, as he follows up promptly and professionally. I have only heard positive feedback from the clients I have referred to Micah Fraim.

Brian Brady, CEO of Entrepreneur Investment Corp

Since Micah has taken over our books we are up to date on our P&L for the first time in over a year. Micah is reliable and quick at communicating which has made our business run smoother and lifted a gigantic weight from my shoulders.
Enquist logo

Justin Enquist, President of Enquist Enterprises, Inc.

Micah helped us with both our personal and business taxes this year. He was great to work with, very accommodating to our schedule and needs, answered our questions, and took great care of us! He reviewed our taxes from the last several years and found multiple items that had been missed thus getting us a refund of around $8,000! We will definitely be using his services again! Thanks again, Micah!
The Pawnshop

Doug Brandt, President of The Pawnshop, Inc.

I love dealing with my customers and growing my business but I hate dealing with the accounting side of my business and had fallen months behind on my bookkeeping. I found Micah and all my accounting/bookkeeping problems were solved! I can now concentrate on making money instead of keeping up with it! Mr. Fraim has been a true blessing to myself, my business, and my family!

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